C R A S H E D   M G F s

First of all, I want you to know that I am not making fun of it, putting pictures of a crashed F on my site. You can trust me about this, I know very well what it is to crash these beauties.
Unfortunately, I haven't got any pictures of my crashed F, ... and I don't want one now.
Look at these pictures, learn something about the safety of these cars and ... most important... take care of yourself and the others.

UPDATE (January 30th 2002):

Front and site impact:

Pedestrian test rating:

Best sports car in NCAP crash test
The MG TF - the UK's best selling sports car - has come top of the class in the Euro NCAP safety tests. The car has achieved an excellent four-star occupant safety rating complemented by a class leading three-star pedestrian protection score. All other sports cars registered just a single star!

Being mid engined helped the MG as the bonnet helps to provide an absorbing area for pedestrians to bounce off.
Adrian Guyll, vehicle safety protection manager at MG Rover Group, said: "Sports cars are enjoyed for their motoring freedom, but customers can be confident that our engineering development fully ensures the MG TF performs extremely well in safety tests, as demonstrated by the Euro NCAP safety tests. Quite apart from its high four-star occupant safety rating, the three-star rating for pedestrian impact - two stars better than the competition - is an exceptional performance and one that will be respected by MG owners and the general public alike."

The report of Euro NCAP

The MG TF’s design dates from the mid-1990s when the MGF launched. But the car underwent changes and was renamed a year ago. These included the fitting of an extra door-protecting beam. And, although much of the design dates back seven years, the car performed well in the frontal and side impacts. For the frontal test Euro NCAP left the car’s roof open to give ‘worst-case’ results. But testers closed it for the side impact to check whether the driver risked injury from hitting the hood supports. MG Rover do not recommend the use of child restraints in the car but one can be fitted on to the passenger’s seat. Finally, the MG TF gave pedestrians above-average protection.


Frontal Impact
The airbag protected the driver’s head but impact forces fed through to his chest were relatively high. Those for the passenger were better, however. The doors are designed to take loads from front to back and this, with sub-frames and longitudinals, helped protect both occupants. But the frontal impact pushed the driver’s pedals back far enough to increase his chances of lower leg and feet injuries. What’s more, driver and passenger risked leg injuries from ‘unforgiving’ components located around the fascia and steering column.

Side Impact
The MG TF protected well, particularly so for a car without side airbags. There was no sign that the driver’s head hit the hood supports but his abdomen struck the arm rest. His ribs were contacted by the seat wing and door panel but none of the forces recorded were high.

Pedestrian Protection
The bonnet’s leading edge and the areas of the bonnet where an adult pedestrian’s head would most likely strike in a collision protected. But the area where a child’s head would strike was less ‘forgiving’. The car’s three-star rating is good, helped by the car’s mid-mounted engine.

VIN of the test car

Real case crashes

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Front right impact
Front right impact (2) caused by an icy road
Front impact
Roll-over accident on a wet Autobahn
Spun of the road at 80km/h
Spun off on a country road
Roll-over accident with three other cars involved. Probably saved by the roll over hoops of Mike Satur.

 Is this the sad end of Scarlet Fever or the beginning of an interesting project... time (and insurer) will tell.

and it can all have a heapy end:
    Scarlet Fever

Another sad story for this owner, a victim of a frontal crash with a strong SUV. Note the exploded airbags.
The sad story continues, this one is a result from an accident with a drunken bicycle driver who suddenly crossed the road. The F was driving at 100km/h's.
Ouch... this one hurts. Totally smashed front, while interior is still kept strongly.
Don't know exactly what happened here, but it resulted in almost every body panel being scratched or worse.
Very touching pictures of this VVC, flipped over on the stairs of a (railway ?) entrance in Lisbon, Portugal. (pictures sent by João)
An accident could damage a very nice car in a few seconds time, while the driver is checking his route on a road map.
I'll hoop to meet the owner in a new F or TF soon....
Front impact on a nice VVC. It's been for sale on eBay Germany
Parts of this one are for sale at Salvage Simpson. It's a heavely rolled silver MkII VVC.
Parts of this one for sale at Salvage Simpson.
Parts of this one for sale at Salvage Simpson.
An accident in a traffic jam had this as a result. I am glad the owner could tell us his story and that the car is profesionally repaired and back on the road again.
Parts of this one are for sale at Salvage Simpson. It had a very heavy passengers- side-frontal impact.
Another sad day in the early Spring. This nice MGF got caught at the side by a Mercedes A class and pushed against another car.

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