F E A T U R E D   M G F s   and   M G T F s

As you probably know by now, there are no two identical Fs touring around on our roads. When the car got delivered, you have allready chosen for some options to suit your taste. And from time to time, the darkside makes another victim... and the car gets some changes. Some small esthetical minor changes, other changes have a major impact on performance. Some people change the complete look of the car, while other keep their attention to the original lines of the car. Anyway, this page has some attention for the cars.... is it still an original one or is their anything changed. Every car get's my attention and will get some webspace, so send pictures, stories and details to webadmin@mgtf.be and you will find your car here on this page.

1. An and Peter's Volcano MGF


Although this color isn't very common here outside the UK, it wasn't the first Volcano on the streets of Lier (Belgium) and surroundings. However both the owners started changing the car almost immediatly and inspired by todays styling trends the car is transforming into a very special show car. But don't be fooled.... it is a verrrry fast MPi.