W H E R E   I   L I V E

.... is the place where my F is parked.

Naaahhh,... don't think so... sounds almost like I am living in my F.

There's a small country, somewhere in the middle of Europe that is called Belgium. Don't panic if you don't know it, you're not the only one. Maybe some of our cities are ringing a bell: Brussels (our Capital), Antwerp, Brugge. The people in Belgium are speaking Dutch (the majority) and French. Even a small part of the country has German as their mother language. If you ask us a question, we're glad to help you in English.

We Belgians love to have a fine and delicious meal and we enjoy a good time with friends and family. Politics in Belgium are very complicated, 'cause the country is divided in three regions: Flanders, Wallon and Brussels. Due to these facts, we aren't that country-loving, except if someone of us is doing something big.

I live near Antwerp, while the big, ancient city is the place where I work as a Systems Engineer. The city is well known for its old stylish houses, churches and charming streets. No need to walk far, if you want some shopping, ... and while you're on that tour, don't forget that Antwerp is well-known for its jewelery.

Well, if you want to visit Antwerp or Belgium and have some questions, please shoot.