M O D E L S :   A b i n g d o n

This special edition of the MkI MGF points to the glorious history of the mark. Every detail refers to the well-known British heritage. This car is about Style with a big S.

The car is standard equiped with special designed 16-inch 6-spoke alloys with Goodyear 215/40 ZR tyres. The paint is called Brooklands green, and shows terrific with the interior, which has a walnut colour, is full of leather and venier. The seats are in Walnut leather and have a racing green piping. Tonneau and hood have the same color as the interior. Wood can be found on the centre console and around the vents. The gearstick comes with a knob made of wood and fine alloy. And the ashtray is chrome, just like the doorhandles and the grills.

Click on the console to see it from another angle.

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