M O D E L S :   M G F   C u p   C a r s

I have taken some pictures, while the MGF Cup was visiting the circuit of Spa Francorchamps. Techspeed provided all the information and showed us all the details.

The specifications of such a race car can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Cup cars at Spa (in the paddock and the pitlane), the same pictures as found under Meeting, Treffen 2001.

The Cupcars going through the busstop chicane, most of the time on three wheels...

Visiting Techspeed - very interesting- Clearly visible are the sealed engine, AP Racing brakes with grooved discs, the ITG-airfilter box and the dry sump.

R a c e   C a r   S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

Up to 30 race prepared high performance MGFs are eligible to compete.
The competition specification includes:
    * 190PS race developed, sealed 'K' series engine with steel rods, crankshaft and forged pistons, dry sump and competition gearbox with uprated drive train.
    * An ITG airfilter is placed in the boot, just under the original vents (see picture above).
    * Cars are running around with a Janspeed exhaust system
    * Body shells are seam welded and strengthened and are equipped with a full set of race safety equipment (note that even the irritating bracket in the boot, in the neighborhood of the lock has been removed). A part of the front grills are closed.
    * Full race Hydragas and damper suspension has been developed along with a competition breaking system (AP Racing, see picture above).
    * Cars run on 16" wheels with Dunlop race tyres (see several images above).