M O D E L S :   MGTF 2002 - Launch

First of all I must say that all the credits go to FJ, the person who published this news on a website. (http://www.xpower-mg.co.uk/MGTF%202002MY.htm)

I aslo received a mailing with more details, it came originally from a person which I will call JN.

Details will be made available by MGR on January 8th and the car will be shown for the first time on the Brussels Motorshow (open for the public from January 17th 'till January 27th 2002).

The MGTF will be the successor of the popular MGF. Normally it will be availbale at your dealer somewhere in February 2002. The restyling work has been done by MGRs new designer Peter Stevens. The TF features a new exterior appearance, an all-new suspension design (probably springs instead of the hydragas units), higher performance engines (rumours are speaking about a turbo) and a host of new paint, trim and hood colours. (FJ)

a larger and original picture can be found at http://www.xpower-mg.co.uk/MGTF%202002MY.htm

The following details as provided by JN

The key changes are described as the following:
        - Body shape - front, side and rear styling and aerodynamic improvements
        - Headlamps incorporate projector and direction indicator lamps
        - Entirely new suspension for enhanced driver involvement and response:
        - Multi-link rear axle with precise kinematics control
        - Coil springs replace the interconnected Hydragas system
        - Solidly-mounted subframes for improved handling responsiveness
        - Greater choice of paint colours (adding XPower Grey and Le Mans Green),
          interior trims and optional hood colours (blue, greey and green)
        - Contemporary interior treatment, with new fabrics and revised instrumentation
        - Higher performance K Series engines (1.6 giving 115bhp, 1.8 good for 120bhp, 135bhp or 160bhp)

The aggressive and purposeful style of the MGTF is sleeker and sportier, with a lower stance made possible by the inclusion of new:
        - Front bumper formed for aerodynamic performance with MG grille identity
        - Larger front grille aperture and MG badge
        - Rear bumper housing larger exhaust pipes
        - Body monoside with new shape mid-engine air-intakes
        - Boot lid with integral aero spoiler and high-mounted LED stop-lamp

A number of enhanced customer choice items include new:
        - Paint colours, including XPower Grey and Le Mans Green
        - Coloured hoods - three new optional colours; blue, grey and green
        - Alloy wheel designs; 16" 11-spoke on TF160 and an optional ultra-lightweight

Four models now give customers a progressive range of performance, power and specification. Designated by numbers close to their power output the four-model range comprises the 1.6-litre TF115, the 1.8-litre TF135, the TF120 Stepspeed sports auto and the range-topping TF160.

The new MGTF will replace the current MGF with sales commencing in February 2002. Since its launch in 1995, 77,000 MGFs have been produced, with over 40,000 sales in the UK making it Britain's best selling car in the sports sector for the last six years.

The launch of the MGTF, nearly six months earlier than anticipated, once again demonstrates MG Rover Group's ability to deliver outstanding products within industry-leading time scales.

In an interesting repeat of history the original MGTF Midget was launched in 1953, during the same period that the company introduced new ZA Magnette saloons. Similarly the latest MG Z saloons - MG ZR, ZS and ZT have been a great success following their recent introduction.     (end of the JNs words)

I will be shooting a set of pictures when I visit the Motorshow.

UPDATE of January 8th 2002
Although the pictures are widely spread around the internet, I just received the following (1:48pm):


UPDATE of January 11th 2002
The authors of the reputated magazine CAR had a spin with the new MG, and just after the 8th of January more pictures were published by this magazine.


They also included a set of pictures of some fine details, let's have a look:
- front light unit, housing 3 'projectors' (296x350px, 48K)
- the modified boot lid, wondering if it will fit the MGF (345x263px, 40K)
- the restyled side air intakes (338x475px, 77K)
- 16 inch, 11-spoke wheels with at the front 195/45 Good Years (405x487, 86K)
- small global rear view (330x220px, 45K)
- MG badge on the new front nose cone (200x205px, 21K)
- global view from the side with the rear still viewable (397x317px, 78K)
- exhaust tail pipe in the new rear bumber (199x219px, 18K).

UPDATE of January 16th 2002
Yesterday, MG Rover presented their new model of the F, the MGTF to the public/press. This all happened on the Brussels Motorshow. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to visit it, even more... I need to wait until Tuesday 'till I can take some pictures. Luc managed to get some pictures and to visit the show today. He has published a complete set of pictures on his website.

many more pictures on Lucs site (http://www.mgf.be, click on the picture of the TF situated on the right)

Steve Childs managed to get his hands on three other pictures of the launch of the TF. Full sized pictures can be found on his site.

full-sized pictures on his website (http://www.mg-rover.org), see at the topic 'MG TF unveiled at Brussels Motor Show'

MG Rover has also updated their website. Details about the MGTF can now be found in the 'development zone'. A selection of pictures...

The SE Freestyke applet is swapped for a new one,
trying to catch your attentiuon for the new MGTF.

What MG-Rover is telling us: "On the outside, front and rear bumpers look stunning and reduce lift. .... Carefully sculpted side air intakes lend the car a stylish profile and improve engine cooling.


On the website, we also could read that the TF-160 will accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 6.9 seconds. No other figures could be found. They also publish the following: "The front double wishbone suspension set-up provides the best possible wheel control on every surface, making it first choice for many Formula One designers. A miltilink rear axle has also been fitted. Coil springs mean the car skips over the most demanding road surfaces. They also meant we could lower the car's ride height by 10mm, giving the car an even more aggressive sporting posture."

The TF will be in the showrooms by the end of January 2002 (UK only) and price range is set from £15,750 up to £19,995 for the TF160.

On the Brussels Motorshow the following prices are announced:

1.6 TF115 € 21,400
1.8 TF135 € 23,650
1.8 TF120 Stepspeed € 26,150
1.8 VVC TF160 € 27,400

UPDATE of January 24th 2002
Off course I have visited the Belgian Motorshow in Brussels. I saw the Trophy in Geneva last year, what could have been the reason to miss an appointment with the TF here in Belgium.
First of all I must congratulate MG Rover... two years ago at the previous edition of the Motorshow I had a word with the head of Public Relations Rover. This year the atmosphere and feeling at the show was completely different. It looked and felt like everyone was passionated by MG... I didn't had contact with cold sales-oriented young guys, or just drilled hostesses... no all the people I met at MG Rover were enthusiastic, eager to learn and proud to present a mark with a feeling. (click on the images below, to load a larger version)




UPDATE of January 31st 2002 'till February 18th 2002
Added details about the MG-TF, click here, although the page still needs some formatting, it is worth to have a look at it.

UPDATE of April 17th 2002
MG has build its 1.5 millionth car and it's celebrating the Queens Golden Jubilee with this special MG-TF.