M O D E L S :   MGTF 160 Vintage Racing (France)

This Limited Edition was shown at the October 2004 Paris Motor Show. It is an MGTF 160 with a white body and two blue stripes right over the top of the car from valance to valance, including the hardtop. This was marked up as A "Vintage Racing" special and was limited to just thirty models. It was only available in France.

Number built - 30
October 2004.

This LE adds a couple of extra's to the list of a TF160 specs:
    - Seats wuth Blue Alcantara® and black leather
    - Door pods in blue Alcantara®
    - Console and parts of the doors with an alloy finish.
    - Steering wheel with black leather and alloy
    - Badge in the interior showing the number of this LE: "Vintage Racing n° X of 30"
    - CD-tuner MP3 (JVC El Chameleon KD-LX555R)
    - 16" wheels, 11-spoke with chrome finish
    - Two additional badges, showing "Vintage Racing"
    - Aur conditioning

Price: € 31,500 (standard TF 160: € 27,450)


If you do own a TF Vintage Racing, drop me a mail and I'll send you the full set of High Quality Pics (3000x2000 pixels)