M O D E L S :   MGTF - Modelyear 2005

P r e s s   R e l e a s e - February 8th, 2005


The UK’s best-selling sports car – the MG TF – is now smoother riding and even better equipped for all-round driving performance and pleasure. Revised suspension calibration ensures a more compliant ride and improved handling. The TF’s appeal gets a step up for 2005 and now includes a heated glass rear window, new alloy wheels and a more stylish interior.


"Owners love their MG TFs for their style and everyday versatility, so for 2005 we have improved both. The ride is more compliant and we have made the handling responses more progressive on challenging roads," says Rob Oldaker, MG Rover’s Product Development director. "The heated glass rear window will make the TF an easier car to live with, particularly in winter and once inside I am confident owners will like the changes we have made to the interior."

One of the key improvements to the 2005 MY TF specification is the new heated glass rear screen. It provides improved rear vision in all weathers and greater security.

TF 135 and 120 Stepspeed CVT automatic models are now distinguished with attractive new V-spoke 15" alloy wheels, and 115 models feature the 15" square spoke design. The performance flagship 160 models retains the attractive 16"
11-spoke design.


MG’s chassis engineers have improved the characteristics of the TF's suspension in both ride compliance and improved handling dynamics. Spring rates are lowered (20 and 30 per cent, front and rear respectively) with the aim of improving comfort. Revised damper settings give more control throughout the wheel travel so making the handling more progressive. The front anti-roll bar diameter has increased (up from 19 to 21mm).


Another major contributor to the improvements for the best-selling TF 135 model is the new 15" Conti Premium Contact tyre, which incorporates a stiffer sidewall for better ‘control on the limit’ behaviour.

Overall, the improvements ensure the TF is a more comfortable car in everyday driving yet even easier to drive on challenging roads. Enthusiasts will still be able to specify Sports suspension, with 10mm lower ride-height and uprated dampers (Sports Pack 1).


New heating and ventilation controls include illumination for greater night-time visibility and new ‘Technical Grey’ and ‘Technical Black’ finishes are applied to the console, door inserts and instrument binnacle on TF 135, 120 Stepspeed and 160, dependent on the interior colourway chosen. The desirable Alcantara® / leather trim is now standard on 160 models, available in black, grey or red, and now also in blue or green.

All TFs now feature remote central locking, superlocking, CD Tuner (plus MP3 on TF 160), leather steering wheel and handbrake grip, alloy gearknob and electric heated mirrors. Front fog lamps are standard on all except TF 115.


- Revised suspension settings – for greater ride comfort and improved handling
- New heated glass rear screen – improves visibility and security
- New 15" V-spoke alloy wheel for TF 135 and 120 Stepspeed
- A new Burgundy Red hood colour option (black, green, blue and grey continue as alternative colour choices)
- Square spoke alloy wheels for TF 115
- Front fog lamps on TF 135, 120 Stepspeed and 160
- New chrome finish badging

- New ‘Technical Grey’ or ‘Technical Black’ finish for centre console, door inserts and instrument binnacle in TF 135, 120 Stepspeed and TF 160
- CD Tuner (plus MP3 on TF 160) across all models
- Alloy gear knob and leather steering wheel across all models
- New illuminated heater controls across all models
- New Sebring/leather seats on 120/135 models
- Alcantara® trim (now standard equipment on 160 models) also available in Armada Blue and DeepSea Green
- Performance and economy remain unaffected by the enhanced product specifications. The on-the-road price for the TF 115 is £15,995, the TF 120 Stepspeed is £17,745, the TF 135 £18,595 and the TF 160 £20,495.


MODELYEAR 2005 SHOWN AT AUTORAI -- February 10th 2005


Press release during the AutoRAI can be found on this page, including the Dutch version

WHAT HAS BEEN CHANGED FOR MODELYEAR 2005:      (as seen and checked before the actual Press Release)
- New hood with heated glass rear screen     and
- New grenadine red hood option

- New "more compliant" suspension set-up:
They are talking about new shockers and springs on the website.

- New heating and ventilation controls
Are they visible on the following picture

- New 15 inch "V-spoke" wheel design for TF115 and TF120 Stepspeed and TF135.

- New additional (Alcantara) upholstery colour options

- New factory-fitted audio options

- A "rationalisation of the exterior colour range"
Is resulting of discontinueing some colors (like Trophy Yellow, Trophy Blue, Dover White) and introducing some new ones and others known from the Monogram option list. The website is showing the following colors:

Black Pearl (pearlescent)
British Racing Green (pearlescent)
Firefrost Red (pearlescent)
Ignition Blue (pearlescent)
Platinum Gold (pearlescent)
Rio Red
Royal Blue (pearlescent)
Sonic Blue (pearlescent)
Starlight Silver (metallic)
XPower Grey (metallic)