M E E T I N G :   K e m p e n r i t   ( B e l g i u m )

First of all my congrats to the organisation (MG Club Antwerp), the tour was well organised. Thanks to the effort of several extra promoters and the good weather, 64 MGFs (or was it 62) were at the start of the tour on August 26th.

Never seen so many Fs in Belgium, so time to launch a set of thumbnails from pictures.

Click on the images below to have a larger version displayed (600*450). A full sized picture (1024*768) can be delivered by mail, after a small request to: english_fantasy@hotmail.com

Some pictures taken, just before we started the tour. The number of silver, green and black Fs was impressive. Only a few had another color. Looks like the Belgian F-driver don't like the Flame Red MGF/ A color that is more popular on Britisch Meetings.

The LE 75th isn't that Limited.....

Ahhh.... another F with painted reflectors... the one from David.

First Trophy I saw in Belgium (number 23 of 24). Later on, I noticed a blue one as well (number 24)

Modifications... well they were a few mods... When talking about sport exhaust systems, we noticed three (2 Milltek and 1 MS Quad tailpipe system), splitter: 1, modded rear lights: 2 (MS F-One and tinted), modded front lights: 2, spoilers: not that mutch, interior styling: too many to mention.

Very rare here in Belgium, this Old English White MGF

Special attention for this one... the guy came from France, and his F has tinted (!) windows (looks very smart)

More picturs can be found on Lucs site: direct link