M E E T I N G :   K e m p e n r i t   ( B e l g i u m ) -- The Pictures

Impressive what they did to the weather. For days it was raining cats and dogs, no one could have thought the sun was still out there, behind the clouds. But today, August 25th 2002 the weather was just great. Some clouds, a lot of sun and a nice top down temperature.

The result: 146 MG's with 98 MGF's (including the TF's ?)

Anyway, a big shout to the organisation (in particular Hans and Annick), MG Car Club Antwerp, The Pergola and all the other sponsors (VLM) and all the drivers showing up (off course not forgetting those coming from The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, ...)

As promised in the roadbook, here are the pictures.

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Overview pictures

Participating cars: The Trophy's

Participating cars: The TF's

Participating cars: All kind of F's

Pretty unique overhere.... a black LE 75th

Participating cars: The Volcano's

Very nice interior of this Volcano: gets some attention on this website soon

Participating cars: The Lowest One

Participating cars: Highly styled F's

No comments

Participating cars: A Z-car

The wheels getting my attention

Participating cars: The Grannies

The tour itself

Answer 1: MGTF, cabrio of the year 2002

Answer 2: Boerinnengilde Bevel 1911-1961

Answer 3: Antwerp Airport Deurne

Answer 4: 8 and 4 years

Answer 5: Morris Garage

Pictures of the organisation

Time for the prices