M E E T I N G :   K e m p e n r i t   2 0 0 3   ( B e l g i u m )

It's been over again, and it must be said... like the Kempenrit's tradition, it was overwhelming hot. The success wasn't as big as last year's edition, but taking in account the other date (earlier in the vacation period) and together with another MG happening (less famous ;o) in Belgium. So what could be found on the parking place:
- 120 MGs:
   - 68 x MGF
   - 19 x MGTF
   - 2 x MGZT
   - 1 x MGZT-T
   - 1 x MGTC
   - 3 x MGTD
   - 3 x MGA
   - 22 x MGB
   - 1 x Midget

How it looked like at 07:30 AM ..... better not showing how we looked like (as some of us needed to get up at 05:00 AM)

Getting everything organised and lining up for a group picture (it's a bit later and we are eager to start)


In the morning

The MGF's


The MGTF's (incl. The Elegance version), definetly a growing group.


The MGZT-T (ahhh.... airco, steel roof, closed windows... life is cool)

Line up's at the parking place


Charming parking place for the oldies


At the practical test

Allthough I thought it would be rather easy, some had a really hard time... and we were impressed by the passion that was showed to find the correct answers.

   1 = Exhaust manifold with oxygen sensor/lambda sensor
   2 = Throttle body (older plastic version) with throttle positioning sensor
   3 = Gear selector unit
   4 = Ingnition coil from an MPi (Dutch: Bobine, spoel)


Fabrice, checking that all the parts belong to an MGF

Additional car alarm


Nice, very clean MGA


Other examples of the rich MG history




The story of the flat tyre


On the tour


Back from the trip

I can't get enough of the group pictures



Try to find your car on these individual pictures, starting with a set of MGF's


And continuing with the TF's


And the oldies....



Chatting people everywhere


For those calling 'collecting LE data' a sport


The "showcars" ready to welcome the people around the podium



Time to distribute the prices (total value: > € 2,500)