M E E T I N G :   K e m p e n r i t   2 0 0 4   ( B e l g i u m )

Very early in the morning.... but it isn't raining and that's a good sign after such a wet and louzy period of rainy days.


Cars are arriving, and we try to get the cars parked in a slight curve.... should be good for some nice piccies.


Different places are reserved for MGF's, MGTF's, MGF 75th LE and MGTF 80th LE together and oldtimers.



Quite unique this MG ZT Taxi from Antwerp, B


Nice pictures of some cars (BRG TF with matching hood, Ghostrider powerfull MGF (looks very good in the flesh), limited edition of a 75th Limited edition, MG ZT-T and a modded Trophy 160 LE)


The Castle of Horst


Arrival at the Pergola


Set of pre-war MG's (MG N-type, MG L-type)


Time for prices (part of the organisation, Marc (helped us parking the oldtimers), chairman of the MGCCA, Winner of the Day: Jan de Graaf). . .


Some participants are just too thankfully


See you next year !!!