M E E T I N G :   K e m p e n r i t   2 0 0 6   ( B e l g i u m )

This year, must be the year of the records... although we didn't manage to break the record about the total amount of MG's. For the first time (6th edition), some showers spoiled part of the fun, but 11 (!) MGF 75th Anniversaries showed up. We had the greatest number of colours on the parking space (incl. two Bittersweet's, Wedgewood Blue, Alumina Green, ...) and 168 MGF/TF's !!

  Not too busy at the early stages of the event.
  Silver cars are still very popular in Belgium
  . . . but green is by far the most popular color of an MGF.
  Only F's in this row, as we seperated the green F's from
  the green TF's.
  . . . which gives this effect
  The first MG ZR160 MkII in Belgium... in an imaculate
  condition. Well worth a look at it.
  Glad to see some MG ZS' at the show
  11 MGF's 75th Anniversary... talking about a limited
  Although Bittersweet TF's adore the sun, they were still
  looking very stunning. Thanks for showing up, guys.
  Red, red, red, ...
  mgf.be forum members showing their new look
  mgf.be forum members showing their new look
  Who travelled the furthest
  He did !!

Unfortunatly, we did see some misfortune to: one of the British cars broke down with an empty coolant bottle, suspecting the under-floor coolant pipes being in a bad condition, resulting in a previous head gasket last week. Hans Schwarte had a bad day to, as his car was spotted with clouds of white steam coming from the back.... we all know that this ain't healthy at all. We're also sorry to tell about the car accident of Art Jackx and his wife. They were driving their white TF160, while a young lady in a beemer didn't give away priority... resulting in one heavily damaged TF.

Additional set of pictures, taken by Stonewood Creations

  Very nice set of foggies, they suit the car nicely.
  By the way, the license plate BTW is translated VAT
  Green is, again, by far the most popular color
  mgf.be stand, selling Meguiars products
  LE 75th's
  LE 75th's
  Enjoying the practical test
  Getting some visitors . . .
  LE 75th's
  LE 75th's
  Black beauty's
  MG Styling & Performance stand
  It's a two-and-a-dog seater
  Bittersweet Steve arriving
  Wedgewood SE MGF
  Verrryy limited edition
  It's always an eye-catcher
  mgf.be forum members again
  mgf.be forum members again
  mgf.be forum members again
  mgf.be forum members again
  Time to give away some nice prices