M E E T I N G :   L e   L o n g   W e e k e n d

1) Saturday: Calais - Honfleur, passing the 'Pont de Normandie'
On our way to Honfleur (France), where we would meet Maxime and Jerome, we had a few stops... so we could stay together without a problem. From the start on, we could enjoy the weather.... so hundred of kilometres top down driving.

The first real stop was at Honfleur, a beautifull small city with a charming harbor, where the time had stand still for several centuries

2) Saturday: The Hotel Montgomery at Pontorson
with a reserved 'car park'

3) Sunday: visiting Becherel for a few minutes
Becherel is well-known for its bookshops

3) Sunday: Rennes
Maxime guided us through the ancient part of the city

4) Sunday: Vitre

5) Monday: Mont St. Michel
Although the day started very cloudy and a bit chilly, it all cleared up in the afternoon.

6) Monday: Cancale
Another very charming place... don't forget to visit one of the 'Reastaurant - degustation'-places or just buy some "huitres" and eat them at the site of the road/water.

360° view:

7) Tuesday: Bayeux with the well-known Tapestry
The first day with rain.... :-(

Pictures of a replica...

Pictures of the real stuff (without using the flash... so it doesn't harm anything/anyone)

8) On the way back home . . .
Taking another set of pictures

Returning and meeting the Pont de Normandie again


The "Treffeners" of this Long Weekend

Alan and Dereck, coming from Scotland and joined the group on Sunday evening with their new TF 135.

Denis and Joëlle, coming from Belgium and driving this modified Trophy 160

Erik and Fran, coming from Belgium and driving with this SP-loud 1.8MPi

Maxime and Jerome, driving with the French 1.8 MPi MkII of Maxime.

Mike S., driving this flame red TF 160.

Mike and Viv, the other owners of a shiny yellow Trophy 160

Patrick and Ann, driving the Red 1.8 VVC.

Rob and Yimmy, with their techspeed, Trevor Taylor exhaust 1.8 MPi.

Scarlet, .... with Andrew and Pesi, Coke and diet Coke ;-)

Stephan and Jenny, another 'Techspeeded' F

Ted and Karin with their 1.8 MPi


Another F enthusiast, staying at the Montgomery hotel.