M E E T I N G :  M G F e s t 0 7

After th wonderfull meeting called MGF10, celebrating the MGF tenth anniversary, the MGF scene was eager to throw a party for the fifth anniversary of the TF. Even more, the MGF Register decided to organise such a big event every year..... every year we have something to celebrate, so why wouldn't we get together and have some fun.

The name became MGFest, followed by the year.
So this year we had the first issue of MGFest which was held at the Billing Aquadrome. A great event, which needs to be written down in your agenda for next year.... in bold, and just a bit larger than the Silverstone event.

The mgf.be group travelled together and took the Eurotunnel on Friday


Saturday, August 4th 2007


Scarlet Fever


Start of the Road Run


Master of ceremony: Tim Morris


The new TF


NOS in Deb's TF160


One Hot MGF


Gerry H. arriving with his MGH, better known as Golden Wheels


Random cars, inlcuding ours




Aimée from Mike Satur's


Adrian's As Good As Gold got a new softtop


Loved to see this one in real life: the SuperSports


The Hog Roast, the MG bar in one of the marquees


Natalie, Cedric and David enjoying his meal


Impressive that ZR during the Glow Parade



Sunday, August 5th 2007

Wheel changing contest, Paul (fastest), Bruno, Fran, me and Cedric in action


Misc. cars


Trophies, words of thanks and a special MGFest celebration cake.



Monday, August 6th 2007

On our way back in the Eurotunnel



Participants of the mgf.be group

Luc & Veerle


Peter & Jarno


Bruno & Bruce


Cedric & Nathalie


Kasper & Marion


Jos & Nathalie


Fran and I


Without picture: Ad (and co-pilot), David & Annemiek, Paul