M E E T I N G :   Oudenaarde and The Ardennes of Flanders

This page is dedicated to a small tour we made together with Luc D., the organiser. We came together at 10:00am in Oudenaarde, Belgium.    (click to have a larger version downloaded, most of them are 1024x768)

The place to be: Oudenaarde Belgium

The Fs touring with us:
    * Luc and Veerle with their Platinum MkII
    * Ann with the Amaranth VVC (unfortunatly with the hardtop still fitted)
    * Hans and Annick with the 75th Anniversairy
    * Stephen with the other platinum F
    * Alexander and his soon-to-be-wife Katrien with the BRG
    * Pascal and his wife Ingrid in their Abingdon F

Seven cars got together for the trip, starting at the 'Markt van Oudenaarde' after we drunk something at Café Felix (the larger picture with all the cars together is 1410 x 612pixels (375KB)).


A few weeks ago I saw the Amaranth colored F for the first time in Belgium, this VVC comes second.

Getting ready for the start, hoods down, flyers (for the Kempenrit) given (thanks Hans), ...


Alexander taking the lead for a nice touring trip around the Ardennes of Flanders  


Pascal drivng in front of us... time to use the accelerator more often... although we may not lose the rest of the group.


Getting the heads together.... where can we have lunch ?

Luc takes the lead with his Duke (license plate), he knows the neighborhood and will bring us to the center of Ronse.


After the lunch we drove back to Oudenaarde.... OK, not really straight to Oudenaarde, but with some nice roads at the country side in front of us.


It's getting a tradition... we had some more drinks and laughs at Cafe Felix....

Thanks for the MG Friendship, it was another great day.

We were back home at 18:30.... hhmm 1 hour driving ???