M E E T I N G : The Club ('t Clubke van Bruno) doing the Smokkelroute

Belgium, July 20th 2003 We had a colourfull gang today with a stunning 11 MGFs at the start. Well actually 10 at the start, as Geert and his wife Kathy joined us during the lunch. The usaual British Racing Green versions of the MGF were there, together with two platinum versions, a nice MKII and a LE 75th (hey, do we know that car from before). Ann kept awake to give her Amaranth VVC some throttle, while Bruno wasn't still impressed by the additional power of the K&N airfilter. He must admit, the sound of the cone airfilter is great but a nice set of shiny alloys would be the top. Speaking about shiny wheels: David enjoyed this tour, allthough he had a hard time to get awake this morning, isn't it. Allthough Alexander didn't showed up with his MGB, I guess he also had a good time together with some other MG enthusiasts.
All the fun was made possible by the two organising friends: Ivan and Alexander or the other way around... anyway those with the T-shirts that read: "Cars are used, MG's are driven".

Off course I am not forgetting Olivier, Inge, Annemiek, Luc and Veerle, Claudine, Fran and even little Fien and the others 'cause they all made this day just terrific. See ya next time.

At the parking place, getting together and checking out each others car... well the usual meeting stuff on a meeting like this ;o)

Line up:


Trying to get all the F's on a picture


On our scenery tour.... even driving in a convoy worked out pretty well this time.


A stop at the Castle of Moerkerke, where we had a drunk to celebrate the birth of Fien, daugther of Alexander.
Unfortunatly, not every car is on a picture, although this location was superb.


Starting at the Smokkelroute tour, at last


A pitstop to fill up . . . drivers and co-drivers


Again on the road... and a few kilometers further on the group is splitted. One part is leaving for Antwerp, Brussels and neigborhood. The other part finishes the tour, enjoyed another nice meal and some drinks.