M E E T I N G :   MGF Treffen 2001

From the first year on, the Treffen was meant to become a tradition. The thrid edition of the Treffen started somewhere in England, continued its way to France (where the F-ers arrived with the ferry in Calais). The same day, they continued their journey to Belgium (Charleroi), where they stayed for one night. The next morning, the tour continued to Germany, where they had some nice trips in and around the Moezel Valley, the Nürnburg Ring and many other things (details can be found on Teds website). On September, the 15th, (a Saturday) they were back in Belgium. Two tours were planned by Fabrice, a Belgian F-er.

Unfortunatly I didn't had the time (again) to follow the Treffen the whole week, but I was there with my camera on Saturday.

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Luc (from the Belgian site http://www.mgf.be) organised a get-together to travel to the meeting point in convoy. Although the weather was pretty bad (many showers, and almost no sun), 5 MGFs showed up.

Congrats to the personel of the "Cartier Latin" hotel for their warm and cheerfull receiving. While the members of the Treffen were still enjoining ttheir breakfast, we could park our cars on the private parking while we had a drink (no bears, but coffee, hot chocolats, tea, fruit juices, etc.)

Although it was raining, the owner of Scarlet Fever, decided to drive top down. Off course he deserves the price of "Most Real MGF Driver". After some driving, let's say 20kms, the tour started, and we could use the roadbook. We all received a road book in case someone got lost, or the first car misses the route.

52km after the beginning of the tour all cars were parked in front of a barrier. As pictures will show, rather bad road conditions (stones and mud). We continued by feet and discovered a very impressive and huge casstle. It was named: "Chateau des Comtes de Marchin Modave".

The place where we had our lunch... or was it the entrance of the casstle ?

Just outside was the perfect place for shooting some pictures, now with the cars as the subject. The barier was opened, so we could continue like it was described by our roadbook.

Large (stiched) pictures

The next thing on the to-do list was looking for a place to eat, and we succeeded.

We left the Café/Brasserie while the sun was shing, so almost every hood went down... but not for long.

Like last year, we visited Ferme de Palogne where we had a final photo shoot.

This tour was so good, we didn't started the second one. The good thing about the bad weather was that we didn't drove too fast to enjoy the scenery.
Back home... my F gave me a little hint, and as a good owner I immediatly knew what he meant. It's time to fill some buckets, and to get my hands wet.

Credits go to Ted (who organised the whole Treffen), Fabrice (who took care of this trip), Luc (for getting the Belgian F-ers together). ... and Dieter for providing every driver a self adhesive decal of the MG logo.

More pictures can be found on Lucs site: direct link