M E E T I N G :   MGF Treffen 2002


People who know me, know that some of the pictures that I take during an event will be published... well actually, it's a bit more than just a couple of pictures.
This Treffen was great, phenomenal, so I selected and came to a number of 120 pictures... I like quality, so some of them are a bit large, but if you want more quality, bigger pictures, drop me a mail, and I'll send you the original picture.

Two section:
  * 1 - 60: Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  *  61 - I0: Thursday - Monday 


Another Treffen this year with the same strong characteristics as the other years:
- nice scenery
- enormous F enthusiasts, good friends
- you join when you want
- you quit when you want
- you join again when you want
- . . .

Saturday, August 31st 2002
The official trip starts at 08:00 hrs at the ferry terminal in Dover. A bit later all F-ers/TF-ers could start with the first stage, getting from Calais to Aalter (near Ostend, Belgium), where the owner of www.mgf.be will lead for a more touristic trip. He will be taking us through the Flemmish Ardennes while lovely loctions as Geraardsbergen, Galmaarden, the Forest of Strihou Coquiane, Nivelles and others are passing by. The Britisch people are accompanied by some Belgian drivers. The target of that day is to arrive at Anhée (between Dinant and Namur), where we have booked for the Hotel Les Jardins de la Molignée.
A complete roadbook for this trip is offered by Luc Devisch, webmaster of www.mgf.be.

UPDATE: this trip is even great fun for drivers only doing this trip

Sunday, September 1st 2002
As the owner of www.mgtf.be, I am proud to present you this trip. Starting at 09:30 hrs in Anhée we are heading for Zell am Mosel. This must be the combination of the best a man can get behind the steering wheel of an F: fast B-roads, slower country roads, small ancient villages, hairpins, allmost no traffic lights, a nice scenery, .... The trip goes from Anhée to Yvoir, Ciney, Marche en Famenne and Houfalise, leaving Belgium for Luxembourg and Germany. Directions to Trois-Vierges, Heinerscheid, Dasburg, Viande, Sinspelt are the ones we will be following. Once we arrive at Bitburg we choose for the fast winding roads to Zell (directions: Bausendorf, Pünderich).
A complete roadbook for this trip is offered by Erik Baekelant, webmaster of www.mgtf.be

UPDATE: After 200kms of driving, we take a part of the freeway in the neigborhood of Bitburg, take the freeway in the oposite direction and you're only 137kms away from Liège/Luik. So join us on our trip !!!

Monday, September 2nd 2002
No need to rush today... we are staying in the same hotel and are driving through the neighborhood of Zell today. We finish the days tour at the Nürburgring Museum and then for those that want to do a lap or three of the famous Nordschleiße circuit we decamp to the starting gates which open at about 17.00 hrs.

Tuesday, September 3rd 2002
After yesterdays day off, this day will bring us a fairly long trip. So start the engines at 08:30 hrs and keep them running 'till 18:00 hrs (off course we'll stop for lunch, drinks, lunch, drinks, ...). Frankenberg and Fritzlar are the historical towns we will meet. In the early evening we will arrive at the hotel in Wernigerod.

Wednesday, September 4th 2002
Must be a great day today.... we're visiting the local Harz National Park and will be driving across the mountains going past the Brocken - Famous sking resort from before WW2. For those allready tired of driving around, we could suggest a trip in an ancient steam train.

Thursday, September 5th 2002
Morning at leisure to explore and then after lunch we leave for the drive to Berlin and the Berlin Treffen. The next three nights the car will be parked at the Ramada Berlin Courtyard Hotel.

Friday, September 6th 2002
Saturday, September 7th 2002
The official start of the biannual MG Club Berlin Treffen. So various rally activities including a drive through Berlin of the MG cars escorted by Berlin's famous 'Weisse Mause' (White Mice) Police Motor Cycle Team.

Sunday, September 8th 2002
After a farewell brunch we leave Berlin for a drive across the northern 'Heide' or heathlands skirting Wolfsburg - home of the 'VW' and staying for the night at one of the small towns such as Celle. One of the stopping points could be the old town Tangermünde.

Monday, September 9th 2002
Westwards to Holland and Amsterdam for the last night together. Leaving Celle at 10:00 hrs and using the excellent German Autobahn to drive to Bad Bentheim for our lunch stop. After lunch we cross the Dutch/German border and continue to Amsterdam and the centrally located RHO Hotel on the Dam.

Tuesday, September 10th 2002
Today the trip will bring us from Amsterdam to Calais. Along the coast, some impressive bridges and using the occasional ferry is on our menu.

The global tour is planned by Ted Newman (his pages), well known for his previous excellent trips, while some of the stages have been fine tuned by some locals, as there are Koennecke Dieter,