M E E T I N G : MGF Social at Utrecht 2001

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On Saturday July 7th David and his charming girlfriend Annemiek, joined us on a trip to Utrecht. The whole thing was setup by Gareth and Tony, two locals, passioned by driving an F. On our way to the golf court, the meeting point, we joined a group of 4 other F-ers. Miss Dot, also known as Hazel accompanied us with her Lotus Elise. (have some time... 3.54MB of pictures loading)

Only one F wasn't arrived yet, ... X arrived a bit later at the Hotel.

The Green MGF of Tony and his wife

Another 'local' F-ellow, Gareth owns this F (VVC, SP, cat-bypassed and painted splitter).

The New F-MG (license plate) of Dieter.... almost original, but delivered with a whole bunch of options, including a nice set of wheels (square spoke, 16inch).

Our F, inclusive the painted reflectors of the headlights, splitter, Satur F-One lights, SP, cat-bypass.

The F of David, who was celebrating his first international F Treffen. The interior of the F is marvelous. Lots of fine leather, alloy, chrome and wood.

Talking 'bout a nice bodykit for an F, or is it an ordinairy Elise ;-)

An F of a very new and proud owner, a friendly German chap with a lovely lady. The F was provided by Janssens, has lots of carbon goodies, enormous wheels, foggies, ...

Dieter and David chatting about MGs, ... sounds incredible

From left to right: Sally, Gareth, Hazel, David and Dieter and a lot of young trees.

Driving in front of Dieter on the way to Utrecht center.

Waiting in front of a traffic light, on the way to the Hotel.

Following Hazel with her Elise... still a dream for us.

David and Anemiek

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All cars together (except Tonys and , the first one was parked too much to the left, and the second one wasn't arrived yet). Origional picture is 4997 x 1257 pixels).

All original pictures can be asked, by a simple mail to the English Fantasy.