M G   C a r   C l u b   A n t w e r p :   The First Outing 2003

Just like the years before, the MGCCA year out of the garage starts with the 'First Outing'. The very first meeting with the MGs of the year, but not a reason for a weak and or easy rally.

As last year, the start of the rally comes behind a delicious breakfast at the "Wilfordkaai". A very clean roadbook leads us to small villages like Steendorp, Doel, Zwijndrecht and others. We even crossed the border (for 17000m) to arrivve at the "Verdronken land van Saefthinge".

Don't expect too much comment about the questions and according answers during the rally, as your webmaster ended in front of the last one in the global ranking (10 points). We will do bether next year... euh... next rally ;-)

MGCCA_FirstOuting_01.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_02.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_03.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_04.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_05.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_06.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_07.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_08.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_09.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_10.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_11.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_12.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_13.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_14.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_15.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_16.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_17.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_18.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_19.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_20.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_21.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_22.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_23.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_24.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_25.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_26.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_27.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_28.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_29.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_30.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_31.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_32.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_33.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_34.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_35.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_36.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_37.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_38.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_39.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_40.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_41.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_42.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_43.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_44.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_45.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_46.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_47.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_48.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_49.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_50.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_51.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_52.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_53.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_54.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_55.jpg
MGCCA_FirstOuting_56.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_57.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_58.jpg MGCCA_FirstOuting_59.jpg