M O D I F I C A T I O N S :   B o d y k i t s

Not many bodykits are available for the MGF, and a possible cause for that are the allready beautifull lines of the stylish F. Well, to be honest, don't think the Britisch are very bodykit-minded. On the mainland, the F is more rare and doesn't need a bodykit to become exlusive and attractive.


Allthough they aren't available anymore (except the rear spoiler and lights of the F-One range), I'll show you both ranges Aero and F-One of Mike Satur. A thrid range, called Supersprint has still some parts in a development stage.

A e r o


" Aero body styling - More discreet than the F-ONE range, but just as stylish, the AERO range of body styling will enhance both the looks and the handling of your MGF.
Items include front stabilisers, deep side sills, rear valence that hides the exhaust box, boot lip spoiler and aerodynamic rear view mirrors.
The overall effect is clean, stylish lines coupled with a lower stance. It's the most cost-effective way to transform the exterior of your MGF." (Text and pictures from Mike Satur's, promotional brochure)

F - O n e

" Stunning from every angle, the exclusive F-ONE range of body styling will create a whole new driving experience.
The deep front spoiler/splitter with optional built-in fog lamps, exclusive 17 inch knock-off alloy wheels, aerodynamic mirrors, rear aerofoil, deep rear valence, restyled sills and rear lights all add up to a car with incredible road presence.
Just watch heads turn. " (Text and pictures from Mike Satur's promotional brohure)

F - O n e   r e n e w e d   (Okt. 2004)

We've been waiting for it, as Mike did promise use that a new F-One kit was in a development stage... and here it is, the new front and rear bumper.

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My personal opinion: A pitty that the demonstrator car on these first pictures doesn't have painted reflectors as well, as it would enhance the more aggresive and stronger look of the new bumper. The MG-badge is gone.... would be OK, if both gaps at each side of the logo would have disappeared as well. The front bumper is screaming for a set of decent side skirts.

Price: £220.00 unpainted (ex. VAT)

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My personal opinion: I could become seduced to have such a rear bumper.... I like it.

Price: £220.00 unpainted (ex. VAT)

Additional pictures from the event called MGFest08.

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S u p e r s p r i n t

" Our extremely succesfull F-ONE body kit has been revised and is now more user friendly.
In these days of speed ramps and pot holes, more consideration has been given to ground clearance without losing any of the original conceptual lines.
The side skirts are also available in steel to special order, as are the wider WRC-style steel front wings.
Stunning from every angle, Supersprint is the ultimate! " (Text from Mike Satur's promotional brochure)

more pictures of the Supersprint bodykit

M G T F   F r o n t   f o r   t h e   F

Although it isn't really a bodykit... I really needed to add this possibility.
Mike Satur is selling the brackets which are needed to fit a TF bumper to an MGF. Those two brackets need to be welded or riveted to the existing armature. Off course as you can imagine, a new set of headlamps (the TF ones) are required too. Price of the brackets: £ 9.50 (ex. VAT, per pair)

click to enlarge (thanks to Richard)



C h e e t a h

The Cheetah was the first supercharged MGF with some modifications to its bodywork. The company or MG Rover dealership Stephen Palmer Ltd. doesn't exist anymore, but some parts are still avialble through other suppliers.

The SP Performance Cheetah brochure


The Cheetah came with an impressive front bumper, which is still available when you order it from MOSS.
The bodykit, produced by Krafthaus can still be ordered from Brown & Gammons (overthere known as the Cobra)

The body parts were produced by KH Assemblies Ltd., contact details are:

KH Assemblies Ltd (Formally known as Krafthaus Ltd.)
Witherley House
Carlyon Road
tel: 01827 720055
fax: 01827 720044


Don't know much about this kit, ... but I found this on the elder version of The English Fantasy:
"After the Cheetah of SP Performance a new fully upgraded MGF is available on the market. The parts that are making this MGF to another wild cat (Cheetah <> Panther) are the following:
      - Krafthaus kit
      - SP Exhaust
      - Mike Satur F-One Spoiler
      - Abingdon Wheels and Tires
      - Newton Commercial Trim
      - Speedster bars
      - Moss carbon fibre dash (stick on, so it's fake)
It looks great, so one of these days, more will appear on this site give me some time and I will find some documentation in my archive.



The Cheetah got a modified rear bumper, pulling all the attention to the exhaust back box. It's all about performance and how it looks like. At MGFest08 I saw this Volacno MGF with a Cheetah style rear bumper.

The original look of the bumper (as on a Cheetah) was with a black mat/satin part in the middle. The above version looks good, but I would paint the two rectangulars gray or black. Just my personal opinion.



A German company who made a very special front bumper for the F. I saw it once in real life, it it was rather impressive, but it doesn't suit the rest of the car. The best description I could give was, it looks very cool in the rear mirror if the car shows up, but it is very disappointing when the car passes by. The owner had a lot of troubles to drive the car around without scratching the bumper.

More pictures of this front bumper.

Contact details are:

MVR - Martin Veyhle Racing
Berliner Strasse 55
71229 Leonberg
Tel.00 49 1752 9407-38
Fax. 00 49 1752 9407-16



They do some parts that are very rare for the F, like this eyebrows (angry-look):

Front and rear spoiler/diffuser/splitter (1), M3-style side skirts (2) and wing spoiler (3)

Parts fitted to the Yellow Trophy of Denis and Joëlle


Contact details are:

TÚl.: +33 (0) 4 74 53 84 00
Fax: +33 (0) 4 74 53 84 01
Internet : http://www.planet-export.com

Belgium & Europe: TOP WHEELS
TÚl.: +32 (0) 87 35 05 87
Fax: +32 (0) 87 35 16 24
Internet : http://www.topwheels.be



As mentioned by Kristof VR, another set of parts for the F are available through Auto-Style

They do the following items:
- Front spoiler (LE FS4432): EUR 126.81
- Sideskirts (LE M122):        EUR 217.72
- Rear Spoiler (TS MG01):    EUR 158.63

Contact details can be found on:

The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden

ATC - Racing Design Syndicate

The following styling parts of Racing Design Syndicate can be ordered by:

ATC International Japano co.,ltd.
1-2-69, Onoharahigashi, Mino,
Oasaka - 562-0031

Prices (as stated during the summer of 2001):
- Front cowling/bumper: Yen 132.000
- Rear Spoiler: Yen 50.000
- Fender cover: Yen 52.000

Other tuning parts like airfilters, exhaust systems, wheels, brake pads and others are also available.

Thanks David P. forthe brochure, leaflet.



This doesn't require any stlyling work or action from a specialist.... just go out and get yourself a TF bumper and/or bootlid. IOr the other wy around, if you own an MGTF, get yourself a F bootlid or bumper. The two, non-standard, options are displayed below (click to enlarge).