M O D I F I C A T I O N S: EXTERIOR, Front Light Clusters

A popular modification, especially by people from the BBS, is to paint the reflectors inside the light cluster.

Taking the front light clusters apart, gives you the opportunity to paint the shiny plastic reflector that holds the two lights in place. Not really a dificult change to do, but take your time (1/2 day).

It all started with the following pciture, taken on Silverstone.

A guy, working for Valeo had the first (by our knowledge) clear indicators and painted his reflectors (teh part behind the lens that is coloured black) black.

Soon some guys followed his example, all with a stunning look as a result.

The modification makes the cars look more aggresive.... the modification has only a very small impact on the performance of the light cluster.

When taking the cluster apart, take care of the following things:
- each cluster has three ball-joints, two of them are used for regulating the lightbeam, they are pretty strong attached. Breaking them isn't done easily, just take care you aren't the first one.
- The light at the outer side is covered by a lens, take care that you doens't drop it on the floor when dismantling the cluster.

Before . . . .

And after the modification . . .