MG Rover official options: (bigger pictures here)

Alloy 1
15inch, 6-spoke
Standard found on the MGF Mk1 1.8MPi


official MG-Rover partnumber: RRC110470MNH
Brown & Gammons: BGF413, £119,99 (each, ex. VAT)

Alloy 2
15inch, 5-spoke, 6.4kg/wheel
Standard found on the MGF Mk1 VVC


official MG-Rover partnumber: RRC108060MNH
Brown & Gammons: BGF410, £119.99 (each, ex. VAT)

Alloy 3
15inch, 8-spoke "Minilite" Alloy
Standard found on the Mk2 1.8MPi/1.6MPi and the TF 115


official MG-Rover partnumber:
Brown & Gammons: BGF412, £99.99 (each, ex. VAT)

Alloy 4     (bigger pictures here)
15inch, 6 square spokes
Standard found on the Mk2 1.8MPi/Steptronic and the TF 120 and TF 135


official MG-Rover partnumber:
Brown & Gammons: BGF417, £99.99 (each, ex. VAT)

Alloy 5     (bigger pictures here)
16inch, 6-spoke "Minilite" Alloy
Standard found on the Abingdon/Brooklands, LE 75th Anniversary (non UK spec) and Cup Cars. From 1998 on available as an option.
Standard found on a TF SE Cool Blue
and available as an option on TF's
Weight: 6.2kg/wheel (excl. tyre)


And fitted on cars (click on the images to load a larger version)


Partnumber: RRC110260MNH superceeded by RRC110261MNH

Alloy 6     (bigger pictures here)
16inch, multispoke
Standard found on the Mk1 SE Wedgewood and on a LE 75th Anniversary (UK version) and as an option. Also available on the TF with a Silver or Gunmetal finish.
Weight: 8.6 kg/wheel (excl. tyre)


And fitted on a cars (click on the image to load a larger version)


Partnumber: RRC110460MNH

Alloy 7     (bigger pictures here)
16inch, 6 square spoke
Standard found on the Mk2 VVC

Partnumber: RRC113740MNH

Alloy 8     (bigger pictures here)
7x16inch, 11-spoke, specific plastic central cap, manufacturer: Tecnomagnesia
Standard found on the MGF Trophy 160 LE
Weight: 11kg/wheel (excl. tyre)
Partnumber: RRC001630MNH (price: £188.00 inc. VAT)



Partnumber for the spare wheel (orange painted item): RRC001720EYP (price: £59.50 inc. VAT, without tyre)


I had a set of mine powdercoated in Anthracite (click on the images to load a larger version):


And here a set of the wheels on my car (same thing: click to load larger image)


Alloy 9     (bigger pictures here)
7x16inch, 11-spoke, almost identical to the Trophy style wheel, same plastic center cap as normal
Standard found on the TF 160 and as an option for other TFs
Partnumber: RRC002630MNH
Manufactured by Team Dynamics.
Weight: 9.2 - 9.3kg/wheel (excl. tyre)

With another finish (Shadow Chrome), as seen on the TF LE 80th Anniversary (click on the images to load a larger version):


As a spare wheel, they have a black, matt finish and to be honoust... they even look good as a full set on some cars.

And fitted on cars (click the image to load a larger version)


Alloy 10     (bigger pictures here)
7x16inch, Anthracite multi-spoke, same look as the MGF multispoke wheel but with a dark gray finish, causing a stunning racing look. Found as an option on the TF 160
Partnumber: RRC110460LEH (anthracite), RRC110460MNH (silver)

Alloy 11     (bigger pictures here)
7x16inch, Ultra Light Weight Anthracite 11-spoke. Made in Italy by Tecnomagnesia and they did use magnesium during the construction. Available in Silver or Gunmetal (Anthracite) finish.
Comes with Sport Pack 3 on a TF (£1525.00 / € 2500)
Partnumber: RRC002040MNH (silver) RRC002040LEH (anthracite)

as fitted on Sander's MGF


Alloy 12
7x16inch, 6-spoke semi or pseudo official MG-Rover wheel.
This is a very special one as it is in some way an official MG Rover wheel although it wasn't available yet. Just before or even during the collapse of MG-Rover a new wheel was designed for the MGTF on the Swedish market. They never got on the cars, due to the collapse. They have just been found (April 2007), all brand new and still wrapped up and safely stored in a warehouse in Gothenburg (Sweden). The MGF register representative for the Scandinavian region was able to buy the whole lot (90 wheels) and they got distributed among the MGF/TF register members (direct link to the topic).
These wheels fit over the larger (red) AP brake callipers.
Partnumber: ???
Manufactured by: ???
Weight: 9.0kg/wheel (excl. tyre)


As fitted on some cars seen at the MGCC Silverstone Event 2007


Alloy 13
7x16 and 7.5x16inch, official MG Motor UK wheel
Even more special than those above, as this is the wheel that is mounted on the TF 85th Anniversary LE.
Only 50 cars of this quiet unique model were build, and just the number of wheels needed for these cars were made and delivered to Longbridge.
They are called 'Twist of Pepper' and have a 'Liquid Boron' finish. Although the wheels have a 'turning direction', the same wheel is used at the left and righthand side. The width of the wheels is different between front and rear. This is to suit the uprated suspension of the LE85th.
Partnumber: ??
Manufactured by Rimstock
Weigth: ??

As fitted on the MG TF LE 85th Anniversary




Third party wheels, available for the F

Alloys from the MGOC - Brown & Gammons
16 inch
Fitted on DC Morris' MGF (thanks for the pictures)

Alloys from Mike Satur

MS Splitrims

MS Monza




MS Toura




Trophy Style, 17 inch, 11 spoke

16 or 17inch 8-spoke, (16 or) 17inch, a set of adaptors is required: price for a set of 4, with adaptors, without tyres: £665 17inch, 10 spoke "knock-on"

7.5" x 17"
Fits without any modifications or adaptors.
Comes fitted with Toyo T1 tyres (204x40x17 front and 214x40x17 rear)
Price: £675 (VAT included) -- limited number available (sept. 2004)

(picture of them fitted on a TF)


Alloy from AZEV

AZEV A, silver, horn poliert


AZEV C, silver


AZEV E, silver


AZEV H, silver


7.5J x 16H2: 16 inch, ET20, partnr: 44222
7.5J x 17H2: 17 inch, ET20, partnr: 54222

7.5J x 16H2: 16 inch, ET20, partnr.: 244222

Isn't this the wheel that can be found on Stephen Palmer's Cheetah and isn't it a part of the MVR kit ?

7,5J x 15H2: 15 inch, ET20, partnr.: 434222
7,5J x 16H2: 16 inch, ET20, partnr.: 444222
8J x 17H2: 17 inch, ET20, partnr.: 455222
Although the wheel is not listed as an option for the MGF on the website of AZEV, I once saw an MGF with these wheels fitted (here).

Alloy from RH Alurad (www.rh-alurad.de)

AD Cup

AE Tecnic



Alloy from TSW

VX 1




7 x 15: price € 143
7 x 16: price € 168 *
7 x 17: price € 159 *
8 x 17: price € 237
8 x 18: price € 283

* = possible on the MGF, according their

7 x 15: price € 46
7 x 16: price € 168 *
7 x 17: price € 189 *
8 x 17: price € 237
8 x 18: price € 283

* = possible on the MGF, according their

Alloy from OZ-Racing
OZ F1plus
available in a wide range of sizes, don't know which one will fit the MGF, but I saw once an F with a set of 17inch. (7x15, 7x16, 7x17; 7.5x16, 7.5x17; 8x16, 8x17, 8x18; 8.5x17, 8.5x18; 9x17, 9x18; 9.5x17; 10x18)


Alloy from MOMO
16inch x 7
(Sold through Brown & Gammons (£169.99 each, £950.00 for a set of 4 with Falken 215-40-16 tyres, £249.99 for an alloy with a Falken tyre, all prices ex. VAT) Stock No: BGF6302,
BGF6303A and BGF6303)


Alloy from Racing Dsign Syndicate
16inch x 6.5J
(Sold through ATC, Japan)
16inch x 7J
(Sold through ATC, Japan)

EXTRA: View on the wheel of the SuperSports




Thanks to Andrew Philips, who gave me the direction to start this page