M O D I F I C A T I O N S : Airfilters -- K&N 57i bracket (Tom Randell)

Very strange I add this mod to this site so late (August 2004) as it is a very traditional modification/enhancement for the ones choosing the installation of the most popular airfilter kit: the K&N 57i. The theory about the filter tells us that cold air from outside the engine bay is feed ti rhe airfilter, by using a set of two pipes. By driving, the air is pushed into the pipes, up into the direction of the airfilter.

MAybe the most tricky part of the installation is the fitting of the 'cold air feed pipes' at the underside of the car. However, an MG enthusiast, Tom Randell, developed and produced a bracket which keeps both pipes in place, directing to the front of the car. It's a kind of a must have, as it makes the job to attach the pipes much easier, and is an assurance that the pipes will point in the correct way..... all the time.

Allthough the bracket is easy to fit, it comes with a fully documented manual.

Additional: the K&N 57i heat shield