E N G I N E S :   PTP RT-Sport 165 kit

Two packages arrived, one of them being a nice box made of wood, wich will keep the old cylinderhead in a safe place. The other one contains the new inlet manifold. I opened the boxes and found the following items:

small table filled with nice but rather expensive goodies ;o)

- Cylinder head (partnumber LDH10037 is visible on top of it, between the camshafts, Another number I noticed is 152A (which can be found in two of the cooling channels). I measured the valve sizes (roughly with a linear): 31mm inlet and 27mm outlet. Polished inlet.

More pictures of the cylinder head on this page

- New ECU: from EFI Technology; marked as O2MY165B and has a male connector with 17+18 pins.
The label says the following:
Euro 1 (0AEF710B00000)
Crank pickup: 60-2 Mag.     Injectors: 1 or 2 high imp.>12 Ohm.
Speed pickup: magnetic,    Notes: 100 Kpa
The label also states: Only for racing use..... sounds promising, isn't it;o)

- Interface Link Lead: smaller metal box with a male connector with 12+12+12 pins, has a ca. 50cm long cable to a female connector (PA66-GF13 - AMP 925 380): 17 + 18 pins. There also a wire which must be connected with a +12V live feed (not starter motor)

- Spark Plugs: 4 items of course, Champion OE 094   RC6YCC

- Lower manifold: 38mm ports and carries the number: LKB107010       SG

- Upper manifold: 37 or 37,5mm ports (roughly measured) and 58mm diameter at the side of the TB. Nice logo on top of the part.

- Static Tensioner: part number: LHP 10015

- 1 package containing:

* partnumber LKF 100640 (1x)
* partnumber FN 108047 (2x)
* partnumber TE 108065M (x2)
* partnumber LHR 10005 (x1) (the spring on the picture above)
* partnumber MYP 100610 (x4)

- 1 package containing:

* partnumber FX 110041 (x5) assembled in one package
* partnumber FS 106141 (x1)
* partnumber FB 110101 (x1)
* partnumber DNG 10010 (x1) Vacuum pipe, T-piece
* partnumber SS 110251 (x1)
* partnumber FS 106127 (x2)

- 1 package containing:

* partnumber FS 108257 (x7)
* partnumber PET 10042 (x1) (small gasket)
* partnumber LZN 1001 (x1)
* partnumber WAM 3885 (x1) (very spacial bolt, at the top of the picture)

- 1 package containing:

* partnumber LYR 000021 (x5)
* partnumber FS 108161 (x1)
* partnumber FS 108305 (x5)

- Head Gasket: Let's hope this one will last forever.... it's the renewed item, as there's a little note in the packaging saying that the design has changed and that it needs to be used with the steel dowels. (partnumber: LVB 000320)

- Other Gaskets:
* partnumber LKJ 100860 (Inlet manifold gasket - upper to lower)
* partnumber LKG 100300
* partnumber LKJ 100821

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