M O D I F I C A T I O N S : ENGINE, making it more safe

On previous pages you could have found parts and kits to improve the engine. Or maybe a bit more precise, those kits and enhancements are seeking for more power and/or torque. It must been said, the K-series engine isn't the strongest engine in the world. I don't gonna start a discussion about a possible weakness for the engine, but if something can be made more secure, why won't we do that.

On another page of this site, you can find info about head gaskets.

From time to time an owner of an F is paying a lot of money, caused by losened or broken cam bolts. An uprated set of these bolts (2 for the MPi, and 4 for the VVC) are available from Mike Satur. Mike says they are easily changed at the next service. (prices: £6.83 and £9.53 inc. VAT and delvery somwhere in the UK).

An uprated radiator could keep things cool when long distances of continental driving are required or when the engine is tuned to deliver a higher bhp. This extra capacity radiator, which will fit the F's with or without an aircon, is even an obvious choice when the standard radiator is in the need of a replacement. Price: £ 125.00 (ex. VAT), while the standard item will cost you £135.00 + VAT.