M O D I F I C A T I O N S : TUNING, Suspension

Check the details of a standard setup here, and return immediatly, because the standard setup is not the one that is recommended by many F-enthusiasts.

R E C O M M E N D E D   S E T U P

Because a standard suspension only allows adjustments to the tracking, the following details are given:
- Front: toe-in, from  +0° 05' to 0° 10' toe in (+0°08'..+0°02' per wheel).
- Rear: toe-out, from +0° 05' to 0° 10' toe in (+0°04'..+0°08' per wheel).
Camber-values couldn't get changed that easy... or a set of adjustable tie-bars must be fitted (see section, THIRD PARTY, Mike Satur).


T H I R D   P A R T Y

T e c h - s p e e d

Tech-speed Sport Suspension Kit

"The result of months of intensive development work is the Tech-speed Sport Suspension Kit, the car is lowered by 25-30mm (ride height unladen) and the suspension is uprated.

Techspeed took the dampers used in the race series and developed settings that suited the car on the road. This together with the other modifications to the suspension improves the stance of the car together with its handling and steering response. There is little deterioration in the ride and this together with the better feedback to the driver means more fun. Here's the specification.....

    * Lowered by 25-30mm (ride height unladen)
    * Stiffened with modifications to the Hydragas system
    * Eibach race specification dampers with Tech-speed settings
    * Rear lower link compliance bush spacers

On completion the car will have a final geometry check and adjustments made where to be found necessary to meet our race car standards. Tech-speed will require the car for approximately two days. This time is necessary to allow the ride height changes to stabilise before track adjustments are made.

Total price (ex. VAT) is £675.00      (price given on Aug. 2000) "

(Text taken from a press map of Tech-Speed)

M i k e   S a t u r

Lowering Knuckle Joint Kit

"The standard ride height of the MGF has been criticised for being too high. By fitting these remachined joints the height can be reduced by 30mm to give a more sporting look as well as having a beneficial effect on the handling by reducing the centre of grevity.
The pressure in the Hydragas system is also maintained thereby retaining the ride quality." (Text taken from a brochure of Mike Satur)
Price: £85.00 (ex. VAT) (for a set of 4); partnumber: 3860. Add another £85.00 for fitting by Mike.

AVO Adjustable Shock Absorbers

"By fitting adjustable gas shockersthe suspension can be 'fine tuned' to your individual requirements. This is one item we can guarantee will transform the handling of your MGF. Recommended when fitting larger wheels." (Text taken from a brochure of Mike Satur)
Price: £220.00 (ex. VAT) (for a set of 4); partnumber: 4310.

Powerflex polyurethane shock absorber bushes

"The standard shock absorber bushes can soon fail, resulting in poor handling and even MOT failure. Replacing these usually means a new shock absorber which is expensive and has the same inherent problem.
Our solution is a set of special polyurethane bushes to fit all four shock absorbers and at less than the cost of one shock absorber. The also improve the cars handling." (Text taken from a brochure of Mike Satur)
Price: £37.00 (ex. VAT) (for a set of 2 (upper and lower) x 4); partnumber: 5100

See other pages about Polyurethane Bushes (incl. fitting instructions) here.

Adjustable Rear tie bar

"The standard MGF is a heavy cast steel item that doesn't allow adjustment of the camber, we have developed this new design from billet aluminium which allows the camber to be adjusted and save weight as well. The design allows the use of polyurethane bushes which is resilient enough for road use but stiff enough for the occasional track day. Standard steel arm weight is 2kg. Billet ali arm weight is 0.9Kg." (Text taken from Mikes website, see links)
Price: £264.00 (ex. VAT) (for a set of 2)

Bushes required are part numbers: 4720/4730/4740/4750
Price: £131.60 (ex. VAT) (for a complete set)


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