S P O T T E D   M G F s (83)

It would be to easy to put a set of number plates from cars I've seen on meetings on this page. No this page gives a list, with or without pictures, of MGFs I've noticed in daily traffic. If you find details about your car in the list, and you want them removed for any privacy reason, mail me and I won't hesitate to delete them immediatly.

Belgian - PUP-253
Platinum MGF, red fabric interior, 3rd brake light
Saw the car in Berchem, Kogels Osylei

Belgian - DCC-293
Red MGF, red fabric interior
Saw the car in Wachtebeke on February 28th 1999

Belgian - CTK-937
Black MGF
Saw the car in Antwerp on April 16th 1999

Belgian - RGB-201
Black MGF
Saw the car in Antwerp on May 31st 1999

Belgian - GHR-583
Charcoal MGF
Saw the car in Antwerp on June 3rd 1999

Belgian - FYC-371
LE 75th Platinum MGF(number 227 of the 2000)
Saw the car during the 24hours of Spa (July 3rd 1999)

Belgian - AFQ-710      
Nice shade of racing green MkII MGF, light brown interior
Saw the car in Berchem on March 2nd 2001

Belgian - RKK-979      (pictures)
LE 75th Platinum MGF (number 1439 of the 2000)
Saw the car on April 15th 2001 in Oudegem

Belgian - RSN-400       (pictures)
MkI charcoal MGF, light coloured leather interior, Romulus exhaust,
white indicators, other grill, .... looks very good
Saw the car on April 27th 2001 in Aalst

Belgian - RCH-162       (pictures)
MkII charcoal MGF, dark red leather interior, AZEV-wheels,
debadged, standard MkII bits and bolts
Saw the car on April 29th 2001 in Antwerp

Belgian - ASW-866
MkI or MkII MGF, not very often seen purple color
Saw the car in Antwerp on May 3rd, 2001

Belgian - RNL-426        (picture)
Red MkI (or maybe MkII) MGF, saw him passing by
Noticed the car in Aalst on May 13th, 2001

Belgian - ?PG-320
Red MkI or MkII, drove 2 cars in front of us,
used the horn to wave; female driver;
in Berchem, May 28th 2001

Belgian - KBP-937
Black MGF, possible Abingdon
Noticed the car driving in Antwerp on June 1st 2001

Belgian - FRX-100
Flame Red MkI
Saw the car in Saint Quintens-Lennik on June 2nd 2001

Belgian - BYZ-995
Black MGF, friendly guy driving it....
Saw the car on July 15th 2001, on the E17 direction Antwerp

Belgian - ADP-343
Black MkI (orange indicators), abingdon wheels

Passed the car while it was parked in Antwerp, on July 17th 2001

Belgian - CWA-531        (pictures)
Silver MkII, nothing special except the driver....

Passed the car while it was driving between Antwerp and Hasselt,
somewhere at Tesenderloo on August, 2nd 2001

Belgian - CVW-906        (pictures)
British Racing Green MkI, parked with the roof and windows down.
Interior with dark brown wood venier. Saw the car parked in Antwerp,
on August, the 17th 2001

Belgian - GPZ-343       
Anthracite MkI (orange indicators), Abingdon (Brooklands) edition
(white, creamy leather, wood, abingdon-wheels).
Saw the car parked in Antwerp, on August, the 22nd 2001

Dutch -

Platinum MkI VVC, witch customised interior (black/red leather
seats with dito gear knob and stearing wheel), 3rd break light.
Saw the car parked in Amsterdam, on September, the 6th 2001

Belgian - SCA-192
Silver MkI (orange indicators), passengers door wasn't closed properly
Saw the car twice on the same day in Antwerp city on August 20th 2001

Dutch -

BRG Mk1 Abingdon, witch the special wheels, light brown hood, leather
brown seats, black/light brown covered steering wheel
Saw the car parked in an unground parking in Antwerp, on September, the 27th 2001

Belgian - SCA-192
Saw the car again this morning (September 28th) in front of the building where I work.
And I can add that he has a third level brake light and red fabric seats.

Belgian - EYT-612        (pictures)
On sunday the 30th of September I noticed this car parked at the airfield of Antwerp.
It's a BRG F, probably the Abingdon version, cause it has white creamy interior,
wood on the console and the MOMO gearknob. Although it looks like it has the standard
mesh grills.

Belgian - RNP-322        (pictures)
I think it was the 9th of October, when my girlfriend took pictures of this charcoal F.
She found this car in the center of Antwerp, special attention goes to the anodised
surrounding of the third brake light. This MkI has the same interior as the car above,
and at the outside, the owner changed the amber indicators into smoked ones.
Note the different style of the grills as well (hard to see on the resized images).

Belgian - HHL-352
BRG MkI, no further details... think it was October 11th 2001 when I saw a glimp
of this car in Antwerp.

Belgian - FJE-958
Black MGF, no further details... saw the car somewhere somewherein October 2001

Belgian - EKS-512
Platinum MGF
Saw the car on Oktober 10th in Dendermonde

German - VE-RMH-24 (?)
Flame Red MGF, MkI, still amber indicators. Female driver.
saw the car in Antwerp, on October the 15th 2001

Belgian - BMW-226
Black MGF, no further details... saw the car on November 2nd in Antwerp

Belgian - BKH-312
Black MkII,
saw the car on the 3rd November in Berchem

Belgian - CWM-845
British Racing Green MGF with a rear spoiler
Saw the car on the E19 (Brussels, Antwerp)
on November the 23rd

British - P430-NLD             (picture)
British racing green Mk1 VVC, with boot rack fitted
Saw the car parked in London on December 6th 2001

British - X806-CLD             (pictures)
Metallic British racing green Mk2, with the so typical Mk2 alloys
Saw the car driving in London on December 6th 2001

British - S372-NLM             (picture)
Platinum 1.8MPi Mk1
Saw the car parked in London on December 6th 2001

British -

BRG 1.8MPi Mk1 MGF
Saw the car driving in London on December 6th 2001

British -

Black or Antracite Mk1 MGF wuith nice abingdon alloys and third brake light
Saw the car driving in London on December 7th 2001

British -

Nice to see another Nightfire Red 1.8MPi Mk1
It has a boot rack fitted, and an indicator smashed
Saw this one parked in London on December 8th 2001

I saw many other fellow F-ers, but I hadn't got the time to get my camera, wait until it was ready to shoot, so....

Belgian - FAZ-365
Must be a BRG MGF (it was dark, so hard to see) with
a third, high mounted brakelight and a hardtop fitted.
Saw the car driving through Gijzegem on jan. 4th 2001

Belgian - EQX-611
Green MK1, light coloured, leather interior
Wood finish, 3rd brake light and clear indicators
Saw the car on January 6th, in Dendermonde.

Belgian - EZP-841
British Racing Green MK1
3rd brake light, mudflaps, modified gear knob
Saw the car in front of Moretus Motors on
February 14th 2001

Belgian - BNM-293
BRG MGF, with a third brakelight
Saw the car on February 20th, somewhere in Antwerp

Belgian - DAI-636
Amaranth (the first one I see in Belgium) VVC
Red Leather (?) interior, alloy console
Saw the car on March 4th 2002, in front of the
building where I work.

Belgian - FCI-453
Black MkII, broken mirror at the left side.
Black fabric interior.
Saw the car on March 11th 2002, in front of the
building where I work.

Belgian - CII-943
It's a silver MkII, ... haven't got more details,
because I wrote it down on a small paper
and lost it... now that I've found it, I couldn't
remember where I saw this car. But it exists
and I spotted it... that's what counts.

Belgian - RLZ-671
The first 1.6 MPi I've spotted... and not the easiest one.
Black (charcoal/anthracite) with the typical black side
airvents and side mirrors.
Saw the car parked in Antwerp on May 13th 2002.

Belgian - CHE-880            (pictures)
Tahiti Blue 1.8MPi with numerous modifications.
White/smoked indicators, headlight protectors, mesh,
chrome surrounded side airvents, chrome plated mirrors,
KH splitter, alloy look for interior,
cat-bypass, 3rd party airfilter...
Thanks to the owner for the nice chat we had with her.

Belgian - AAK-369
Platina version of the LE 75th
(amber indicators)
Saw the car on the motorway at Antwerp.
May 20th 2002.

German - B-B-2322
Brookland green, MkII
Black interior, 'Minilite'-alloys
Saw the car parked in Berlin
June 10th 2002

Belgian - FQF-670
Black MGF

July 17th 2002.

Belgian - BNM-281            (pictures)
Platina MkII with a friendly couple on board.
Mentioned the MGF Kempenrit and they knew about it,
and visited it last year, but couldn't make it this year.

Saw the car at Anhée (in front of the hotel where we stay with
the International Treffen).
July 21st 2002.

Belgian - D-922-G
Platina Mk1 or Mk2....

Saw the car passing by in Borgerhout (Antwerp).
July 31st 2002.

Belgian - LEE-368
Black Mk1 (still the amber indicators) with a nice light coloured leather interior

Saw the car parked at my office (Antwerp).
July 31st 2002.

Belgian - DVD-301
Metallic green Mk1 (still the amber indicators), 3rd brake light

Saw the car passing by in Antwerp.
August 5th 2002.

Belgian - KPB-937
BRG Mk1 (still the amber indicators) with the traditional

light brown leather interior.
Saw the car parked in Antwerp.
August 8th 2002.

Belgian - GIE-139
Red MGF, saw the car in Aalst
September 27th 2002

Belgian - JDJ-708
Typical Abingdon with the light brown hood.
Saw the car in Antwerp
October 31st 2002

Belgian - FRW-393             (pictures)
Anthracite MGF, nice, high quality leather/alcantara crème blue interior.
Obus style side mirrors, Trophy front lip, Budnik 18" wheels
Saw the car on a Tuning show in Mechelen.
November 2nd 2002

Belgian - HQA-704 
At last, a TF on the Belgian roads ;-)
This time a black one (well it was dark, so not really
easy to see the color), but I don't think it was a 1.6MPi and
no 160 badge at the rear.
November 5th 2002, Antwerp

Belgian - GLJ-805 
Platinum MkI MGF with color coded hardtop (looks really good)
Saw the car in Antwerp, 6th November 2002.

Belgian - FMY-762 
Pretty successfull week for spotting Fs and TFs.
Today I noticed this yellow Trophy 160 somewhere in front of the
trafficlights in Antwerp (November 7th 2002).

Belgian - LEL-516    (pictures)
Nice, clean looking MkI VVC, dark blue, light interior and color coded hardtop.

Saw the car in Ostend, December 13th 2002

Belgian - BNM-281
Platina MkII, we saw the car before and this time we got a wave

near Antwerp (Kennedy tunnel).
December 15th 2002

French -
  4073 WH 02 

Typical Abingdon/Brooklands edition.
Parked in front of the building where I work (Antwerp).
December 30th 2002.

Belgian - LEE-368
Saw this car again.... next time I must leave a note behind his windscreen wiper.

January 3rd 2003

Belgian - CCR-003
British Racing Green VVC, MkI with the orange indicators.
3rd Brake lights and hardtop
Saw the car in Antwerp, January 6th 2003

Belgian - EYT-612
It isn't the first time we see this car. Back in September 2001 we saw this
car at the airport of Antwerp. Today (January 7th 2003) the car was back/still in Antwerp.

Belgian - HPW-772
Blue MkI (amber indicators) with 3rd brake light
Black leather interior
Saw the car in Antwerp on January 11th 2003

Belgian - DSW-776
Green metallic MkI or MkII with hardtop
Saw the car at St.-Niklaas on January 18th 2003

Belgian - HIA-459
Platinum MGF
Saw the car parked while driving by, so no more details.
January 24th 2003 in Antwerp

Belgian - GZQ-884
Green TF passing us by on the motorway
January 26th 2003 at Beveren

Belgian - EQX-908    (pictures)
A special moment today, 'cause this is the first other Nightfire Red F we see here
in Belgium. It's an MkII with a nice set of square spokes.
January 26th 2003 in Gent-Brugge

Belgian - SJA-407
Black/Charcoal black MkI with hardtop and Abingdon wheels
Saw the car on January 26th 2003 at Elversele

Belgian - HPW-772
Blue MkI VVC, orange indicators.
Saw the car on February 8th 2003 near Antwerp

Belgian - GRI-798
Platinum silver MkI with a black hardtop
Saw the car on February 8th 2003

Belgian - PRG-801
Mk1 with Oran,ge indicators, 3rd brake light
Saw the car on February 9th 2003

Belgian - LEE-368
We have spotted this car before
... next time I won't add it to this list anymore.
Anyway, if someone is behind the steering wheel it get will get a friendly MG-wave.
February 13th 2003

Belgian - GWB-???
Hard to see,
it was a dark color . . .
February 13th 2003 at Aalst

Belgian - HIA-459
WSeen this car before.
It's a platinum MkI
Saw the car in Antwerp on February 17th 2003

Belgian - JUM-351
British Racing Green MkI
Saw the car on February 24th 2003 (pretty dirty at that time) in Antwerp

Belgian - JKJ-706
Mk1, SE Brooklands (Abingdon)
Saw the car on February 25th 2003 in Antwerp

Belgian - EGN-259
Again not much details as most MGFs spotted last weeks are all driving
around. Anyway, this one was charcoal or anthracite.
Saw the car on March 7th 2003 in Berchem

Belgian - GWB-249
British Racing Green Mk1, this must be the car we saw on February 13th.
March 9th 2003

Belgian - GRI-798
Platinum silver MkI
Seen this car before, then with a black hardtop (don't know if it was still fitted)
March 2003
in Mortsel

Belgian - FMY-672
Yellow Trophy (16/24). Seen this car before, but then I noted a slightly different
license plate. Don't know which is the correct one.
March 2003

Belgian - CWA-531
Platinum silver MkII, chrome rollover hoops fitted.
We have seen this car back in 2001.
Today it's March 24th 2003 and we spotted the car in Antwerp.

Belgian - JTL-946 or JTI-946
British Racing Green MkI with the Cup Wheels, so probably the Abingdon version.
Saw the car on March 31st 2003 in Antwerp

Belgian - KEB-979
Platinum silver MkI
Saw the car on April 9th 2003 in Antwerp

Belgian - DND-511
British Racing Green MkI (orange indicators, no 3rd brake light)
Saw the car on April 10th 2003 in Antwerp.

Belgian - BVV-147
British Racing Green MkI or was it an MkII
Saw the car on April 24th 2003 in Antwerp

Belgian - RLZ-671
I have seen this car before.... allthough today I didn't saw it was a 1.6MPi
(it was last time, and it is still a black (charcoal/anthracite) MkII, so...)
April 24th 2003

Belgian - AAK-369
We've seen this car last year and this morning.
April 25th 2003, Antwerp

Belgian - FLYI-504
Hands yup for this guy... after weeks of sunshine, it was claoudy today but this driver
had still the hood down on the Motorway near Brussels. That's the way we like it.
It's British Racing Green MkII (well it had the smoked indicators, so I guess MkII)
April 25th 2003.