M O D E L S :   M G F   1 . 8 V V C


Engine specifications

Rover K-series 1.8 VVC, 16valves and double over head cam with variable valve timing.
Bore: 80.00mm
Stroke: 89.30mm
Capacity: 1796cm³
Ignition sequence: 1 - 3 - 4 - 2
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Idle revs: 875rpm (+/- 50rpm)

About the valves:
  inlet, open: 0° after upper dead center (at smallest period)
  inlet, closed: 40° after lowest dead center (at smallest period)
  exhaust, open: 51° before lowest dead center
  exhaust, closed: 21° after upper dead center
  period of open valve, inlet: 220° - 295°
  period of open valve, exhaust: 252°
  valve lift, inlet: 9.5mm
  valve lift, exhaust: 9.2mm

Transmission specifications

Gearbox code: C4 BP
Gear ratio's:
  1st gear: 3.167:1 (8.3km/h at 1000rpm)
  2nd gear: 1.842:1 (13.8km/h at 1000rpm)
  3rd gear: 1.308:1 (19.5km/h at 1000rpm)
  4th gear: 1.033:1 (24,7km/h at 1000rpm)
  5th gear: 0.765:1 (33.3km/h at 1000rpm)
  return: 3,000:1
Final transmission ratio: 4.200:1

Differences between an 1.8MPi and a 1.8VVC

When looking at the powercharts, we notice that the peak power of the VVC is reached at a higher rpm.

powerchart of the MPi
powerchart of the VVC

From the outside, the differences between an Mk1 MPi and VVC are the following:
* Have a look at the wheels:
        MPI: 6-spoke wheels,
        VVC: 5-spoke wheels
(see Wheels section). This is a difference when speaking about the MkI, as from modelyear 2000, the VVC had standard 16 inch 6 square spokes wheels, but those were many times fitted as an option on the MPi. Wheels from the VVC will fit on an MPi and vice versa.
* On the revcounter of the dashboard:
        MPi: red line starts at 6750rpm
        VVC: red line starts at 7250rpm.
* The VVC comes with at least part of the seats in leather. Full leather seats are an option on both: MPi and VVC.
* Most accurate: the 8th letter of the Vehicle Identification Number (found on a small plate at the base of the windscreen):
        G: MPi
        T:  VVC

And ...
* When opening the boot and peeking into the engine bay, you will notice the silver letters VVC on the plenum chamber.
* In most of the countries, the VVC comes standard with ABS (unit can be found under the front bonnet) while it is an option on the MPi.


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