M O D E L S :   T h e   M G F   M k I I I     *SCOOP*

Although, we know that the MkIII will be named MGTF, I leave this page on the site.

After some waitng, I need to write something about the rumours and spy pictures of a possible new MGF. After succesfull editions as the Mk1 and Mk2 (or MkII), a new version could get launched in th autumn of 2002.

When looking at the past, we couldn't expect that a restyling of the F, would do much, but that statement is a bit wrong. The minor changes between the MkI and MkII are nothing in comparision with the differences between an MkII and the MkIII.

Both nose and tail parts are restyled and some are speaking about a new interior. The teardrop headlights, found earlier on the X500 and X80 and a lower front bumper in combination with a restyled grille must improve look and aerodynamics at higher speeds. At the rear of the car we also notice the same rear cluster, but a different rear bumper, which must improve the road holding at higher speeds.

Stop the tuning of the engines, this car will have a 230bhp turbocharged 1.8 K-series engine. Off course, MG couldn't do this without an upgrade of the braking system, structural reinforcements and a better suspension (will the Hydragas stay ?)

The Mk3 spotted in the South of France had roll-over hoops fitted. Which will add an extra value to the restyled interior.

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