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Interior Car Tuning (Belgium)


Visit their website for details, colors, guarantee statements, etc.

UPDATE: January 2005 -- a very new style of leather arrived at ICT and found its way into an MGF (more about this MGF at our Featered section)


Contact Details:

Plaslaar 38d
2500 Lier - Belgium
Phone: +32 - 3 - 488.49.79
Fax: +32 - 3 - 488.49.78
e-mail: sales@ictnv.be
website: http://www.ictnv.be


Mike Satur

It won't be Mike Satur if this wasn't high quality manufactured. I think all parts can get a leather upholstery, in example seats, doors, complete dashboard, windscreen surround, T-bar, cubby box, ... Hope he knows which leather to use, so that the quality will last for a long time . . .

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Some price examples:
Leather seats including headrests - black only with choice of piping (MkI up '99): £385.00 ex. VAT (per pair)
Leather seats including headrests - MkI and MkII: £475.00 ex. VAT (per pair)
  Colours: black, pale cream, stone beige, biscuit, pewter, burgundy,
  charcoal, red, walnut & green. Any colour piping available on the
  full range of seats. (an exchange part or surcharge of £200.00 on mail order)

1. Door pod, 2. Door casing, 3. Door pocket

Leather seat belt pads: £16.00 ex. VAT (per pair)
Leather door pods (MkI and MkII): £60.00 ex. VAT (exchange, per pair)
Leather door casing: £360.00 ex. VAT (per pair, exchange or add £180.00)
Leather lower door pocket: £65.00 ex. VAT (per pair)
Leather gear gaiter: £12.00 ex. VAT (exchange or add £10.00)
Leather handbrake gaiter: £12.00 ex. VAT (exchange or add £10.00)
Leather arm rest: £65.00 ex. VAT
Leather cubby box: £65.00 ex. VAT

Leather T-bar: £115.00 ex. VAT (exchange or add £80.00)
Leather hood tonneau: £195.00 ex. VAT
Leather dash: £475.00 ex. VAT (exchange, add £120.00 for fitting)
Leather console: £220.00 ex. VAT (exchange, add £50.00 for fitting)
Leather screen surround: £120.00 ex. VAT (exchange or add £40.00)
Leather air bag blank: £30.00 ex. VAT (exchange or add £15.00)
Leather cowl (surrounds the the rev and speedo clocks on the dash, Lefthand or Righthand drive): £95.00 ex. VAT (exchange or add £15.00)
Leather ashtray: £29.50
ex. VAT

Contact Details:

Unit 3E Goldthorpe Ind. Est.
Commercial Road,
South Yorkshire S63 9BL


MGF Centre

Rather new but offering sets of very nice leather covered seats. Completely new style to the MGF scene.
They are using Italian leather, with a kind of 'carbon fibre detail'. A pretty wide range of colours and textures are available. All seats come with full leather backs, storage pockets and 5 year guarantee (!!). Together with a set of matching door pods and gaiters, they will make a truly beautiful interior. (From £ 450 + VAT on an exchange basis)


They also do:
- Door pods
- Leather Steering Wheels
- Seat Belt Pads
- Airbag blank: not suitable if there's a passengers airbag fitted
- Armrest and Cubby Boxes.

Contact Details:

58 Spring Road,

tel / fax : +44 (0)1902 403045
mobile : +44 (0)7967 539831
email : enquiries@mgfcentre.com


Newton Commercial

Leather parts can be ordered online, through their website (check my link page) or by calling/writing to the proivided 'Contact Details'.

Leather covered centre console area
Two parts available for the MkI, the lower centre armrest lid (£58.30 ex. VAT) and the upper centre console lid (£58.30 ex. VAT). Available in the following colours: British Racing Green, cream, light stone beige, red, tahiti blue and ash.
The same parts are available for the MkII as well, but offered in one set and only available in one color: walnut (£116.60 ex. VAT).
Leather covered T-bar
Both types (MkI and MkII) are available only in the UK and on an exchange basis (£121.90 ex. VAT). The same colors are available for a perfect match with the centre console items: British Racing Green, cream, light stone beige, red, tahiti blue and ash for the MkI part, and only Walnut for the MkII.
Leather door pods
At the interior side of the door, the central part can be swapped for a leather one.
Available colours for the MkI version (rectangular opening) are: British Racing Green, cream, light stone beige and red (£69.96 ex. VAT)
Available colours for the MkII version (oval opening, including 'alloy' part) are: Alpacha, British Racing Green, cream, light stone beige, red and walmnut (£69.96 ex. VAT)
Leather gear knob and gaiter kit
From their website: "Our gear knobs weigh about 3 times heavier than the standard item for that smooth gear change. Available in many colours these knobs are beautifully hand stitched and come with a leather gaiter that is ingeniously clipped to the knob so the metal gear lever stalk doesn’t show at all."
Available for the MkI for £44.52 ex. VAT in the following colours: British Racing Green, cream, light stone beige, red, tahiti blue and ash.
Leather hand brake grip and gaiter kit

Again from their website: "Our leather handbrake grips are only available in black, but are supplied with a leather gaiter that can be made from a wide range of colours."
Available for the MkI and the MkII for £44.52 ex. VAT in the following colours: British Racing Green, cream, light stone beige, red, tahiti blue and ash.
Leather hand brake and gear lever gaiters
A combination of the two above: the gaiter of the gearshift and the gaiter of the hand brake. Available for the MkII for only £27.56 ex. VAT.
Leather Interior Kits
These kits contain:
- One pair of complete seats & headrests
- One pair of leather door panel inserts (door pod)
- One leather gear knob & gaiter
- One leather handbrake grip & gaiter
- One matching vinyl hood roll cover
For the MkI there's a choice between the Classic and the Icon style, while the MkII version is only available as Classic. The differnce between both styles in the pattern of the stiches.
Available colours are: Britrish Racing Freen, cream, light stone beige and red. Different colours for the piping can be chosen as well.
Price of the kit for the MkI: £784.00 ex. VAT
Price of the kit for the MkII: £660.00 ex. VAT (the kit won't include the gear knob, handbrake grip and hood roll cover.
Above prices are based on an exchanging the old and new parts..
Seat kit and headrests
Same as the above, but now the kit only contains the seats and headrests.
                                Classic (left) and Icon (right)
So choose colours for leather and piping, have them delivered and return the original parts and you've got a nice set of leather seats. Again the MkI can have the Classic and Icon, while owning an MkII choice is limited to the Icon.
The Icon style is also available with a combination of two colours of leather, call Newon Commercial for details/
Prices: £550.00 - £614.80 ex. VAT

Contact Details:

Eastlands Industrial Estate,
Suffolk IP16 4LL
Tel: +44 (0)1728 832880
Fax: +44 (0)1728 832881

T & T Interior Design (Belgium)

At T & T Interior Design the customer must be the king as almost everything is possible. Get some leather upholstery for the seats in every color you want; add the MG logo, get doorpods, T-bar and others covered in leather... Name it and there's a big chance it can be done. The people of T&T Interior Design are specialised in leather upholstery, it's their daily job, so it would be wrong not to ask for their advice.


Contact Details:

T & T Interior Design
Mechelsesteenweg 170
2500 Lier - Belgium
Tel.: +32 (0)496 504910
e-mail: mailtt@pandora.be
website: www.carleather.be



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