I would like to thank: Fran, Dirk, Luc, Andrew, Roger, Dieter, Rob, Ted, Fabrice, Bruno, Adrian and many
 others I am forgetting now for all the info and help they supplied.

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-  - ---( NEWSFLASH )--- -  -

March 10th 2010: Found a new model: the MGF Silverstone (was available in Switserland)
November 25th 2009:
At last, pictures and info about the new TF 85th Anniversary LE.
July 2nd, 2008:
NAC MG UK LTD set price for the MG TF LE500 (Press Release)
June 21st, 2008:
I browsed my pictures and got some interior shots (part 1 & part 2)
May 10th, 2008:
The Launch Date for the TF LE 500 officially announced (Press Release)
August 8th 2007:
Added the pictures of MGFest 07 on this page
July, 13th 2007:
AFirst NAC-MG UK franchise dealerships (Press Release)
June, 28th 2007:
Added new pictures and the weigth of the Swedish MG Rover wheel (here)
June 25th 2007:
NAC MG presents the TF LE 500 at Silverstone event (more here)

-  - ---( Group Buy )--- -  -
Important for Belgian and Dutch drivers:

Please contact me if you are interested in
an original MG Rover warning triangle kit.
I have some for sale, only € 9,00.
-  - --- International MGF Kempenrit --- -  -


August 22nd 2010

10th International
MGF Kempenrit


more info